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Yamaha SY77 (plus SY99)
‘Pads & Textures’ sound set

This is a true collectors item. 64 patches never released before. All presets come from my private library and have been designed over 15 years of me actively using this synth.

SY77 still sounds amazing, showcasing the power and finesse of FM as a sound source for lush pads, rhythmic textures and rich, if sometimes piercing soundscapes. This bank uses FM, internal samples, and ‘RCM’ synthesis.

Both modulation wheels are carefully programmed to add interesting timbre variation, examples: Supreme Pad, AfmRcmPcm1, Lunar Power. TG77 users would need to assign controller 13 (Mod Wheel 2 on SY77) to a midi controller or envelopes in a software sequencer to hear it.

This sound bank is delivered as a SysEx file.

User comments

“Thank you so much for the SY77 Sound Bank, I own the TG77 for over 20 years and was always a bit disappointed that I couldn't find pads sounding smooth and thrilling at the same time. Now I did. I didn't know that this tone generator had those capabilities. Thanx again”.
 U.S. (via email

“Thank you for the soundbank. It has breathed new life into my old friend, the SY77. Your sounds are very well programmed and inspiring”.
J.A (via email)

“The sounds are amazing, my congratulations... specially the evolving pads!”
A.A from Italy (via email)

Purchase content

-64 SY77/TG77/SY99 patches (SysEx format)


SysEx file - delivery instant. Download link is provided immediately after purchase and also sent to the email address provided during purchase.

Yamaha SY-77 (plus SY99)
‘Pad & Textures' sound set


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