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Customer comments

“I got your Vintage sound bank. Congratulations!

It is the best Vintage soundbank I ever heard.”


Alchemy Himalaya:Vintage

‘Himalaya: Vintage’ taps into funk, fusion, old school electronica and synth pop, offering instruments with an authentic vintage vibe and playability. Enjoy squelchy basses, rich multi-layered pads, cutting synths, dancing arps,shimmering strings and breathy choirs. Alchemy's resynthesis and granular engines have also been used to add a selection of sounds with a more contemporary edge, as well as a huge number of creative performance

and modulation options.

This library features nearly 600MB of new samples, including classics like the Mellotron M400, Arp Solina, Hohner D6 Clavinet, Minimoog, Oberheim OB-Xa, Moog Taurus, Korg mini700 and Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus.

For more information, new demos and price please visit the Camel Audio product page.

Alchemy ‘PADS VOL1’  - a new sound bank is released ! UPDATED

Camel Audio’s Alchemy is primed with features that make the smoothest and lushest pads. And so, this collection of presets is designed to provide smooth, playable and practical sounds. All presets have musical and carefully designed Remix Pads assignments which when swept in a clockwise direction will produce interesting timbre and dynamic changes.

This collection consists of factory samples, custom samples (about 12MB), additive, granular and VA sources.


This sound bank is now available with Kore sound presets. The conversion was performed by ‘aMused’ and ‘losan’, KVR forum members. Many thanks to you for the time and effort!





Individual preset demos are available on the Camel Audio page.

Below are mini track demos. Drums from GURU. No external processing is used on the preset sounds.

1. Analogia Meditativa - for fans of Berlin School electronica

2. Funky Funk - Jim Alfredson goes back to the 1970s.

3. Synth Pop Medley - several 1980s synth pop tracks.

4. Breakdance+Electro -the last track here is for Kraftwerk fans.

5. Space Funk Opera - hear aliens talk. Right at the end.

6. Analogia Solemnis - another old school electronica track.

7. Synth Pop Elegy - a sombre track full of chunky analogue sounds.

8. Jazz Fusion - jazzy! Another number by Jim Alfredson.

Alchemy sound sets >> Himalaya:Pads >>  Himalaya:Vintage